Catch of the Day

Womens wetsuits

Nisí decided to dive deep into creativity by organising a unique styled photoshoot inspired by diving, the effects of fishing nets and a retro underwater world for their 1st Birthday. 

Incorporating textures and colours reminiscent of diving, the Australian summer sunsets and fishing nets, creates a stunning visual impact.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these suits also pay homage to the ocean's beauty and raise awareness about sustainable surf gear.

Abandoned or lost fishing nets, often referred to as "ghost nets," pose significant and far-reaching threats to marine ecosystems. Animals struggle to free themselves, leading to injuries, amputations, or even death. The problem is particularly severe for species that migrate or swim near the ocean surface.

In a world where fast fashion often takes precedence, Nisí stands out by blending style with sustainability. The brand continues to make a splash in the world of water apparel, proving that fashion and environmental consciousness can coexist.

  Nisí's commitment to change goes beyond just creating stylish wetsuits; it's about fostering a mindset that values the planet and its oceans.

This is just the beginning of a stylish and sustainable journey. Cheers to Nisí and the promise of a more conscious fashion industry!


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