Nisí in Margs

Women surfing in Nisi springsuits and surf separates

Our first in water campaign shoot took place in the deep blue waters of Margaret River's Moses Rock surf break. Located halfway between Yallingup and Gracetown, on the coast of Western Australia.

The golden sandy beach, rock pools and rolling waves created the perfect place to showcase our pieces. Standing out against the navy blue waves, our wetsuits brought out a significant amount of positivity and confidence amongst our long boarders. 

We aim to conduct fun and playfulness in the water. With a colour palette designed to turn heads out in the water and a chunky, playful brandmark; Nisí has been designed to be recognisable from afar and strives to disrupt the surf industry. 

The girls definitely turned heads in the water, as they displayed bold effortlessness with smiles on their faces. Contrasted to the black wetsuits out there that day. It was exciting to watch the girls perform their best dancing moves.

With the pleasure of having an extremely talented surf photographer based in WA,  Ross Young, we knew we could trust the man behind the lens to capture the happiness that was presented in the water that day. It was an extremely exhilarating sight to see the creation of Nisí come to life and be seamlessly presented in the way it has always been intended to.


Each colour combination was thoughtfully paired together for complimentary and warm tones to match for colourful fun images like these! Each piece being designed to style any combination you like, makes wetsuits look cool!

With a huge collection of great imagery comes an even bigger thank you to our team on the day; Fran, Savannah, Babs, Claire, Molly and Ross! A successful and playful morning with a friendly visit from some dolphins

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