A Morning with Club Shakas

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There's something magical about the early morning sun casting its golden glow on the ocean waves. For a group of spirited women, this magic comes to life 2 times a week at 6 am, when they gather to ride waves and share the joy of surfing.

Welcome to Club Shakas, an all-girls surf club that has turned the typical sunrise routine into a thrilling and empowering experience off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.

The Birth of Club Shakas

Jahney Smith, Co-Founder of Club Shakas

Introduce yourself! What is your name, What is your role and Where are you from?

Jahney: Hi I’m Jahney, co-founder of Club Shakas and I’m from Perth, Western Australia

How did you first become interested in surfing, and what inspired you to create the Club Shakas surf club?

Jahney: Club Shakas was born from a bunch of girls wanting to surf but were too intimidated by it. We thought 'let's break down these barriers to this great sport and go together'.

For our official first surf we had one person rock up but we kept going and it just grew. The community and the fun was contagious and now our membership base is past the point that we can count.

What do you enjoy most about being part of a girls' surf club, and how has it impacted your surfing journey?


  • Perfection is chucked out the window
  • No pressure
  • Fun first, surf second.
  • A sense of belonging to a community that celebrates each other.
  • Get’s us out there, being part of the magnificent surf culture, the lifestyle and enjoying all the benefits surfing brings. Community, mental clarity, a sense of belonging, pure happiness, freedom, being in nature, friendships. The benefits are endless.
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Club Shakas was born out of a shared passion for surfing and a desire to create a supportive community for women looking to catch their first wave. Founded by a group of friends who discovered the exhilaration of surfing together, the club quickly evolved into a welcoming space for beginners eager to learn.

The early morning meetings at 6 am are not just about catching waves, they're about embracing the day with enthusiasm and energy. There's a sense of camaraderie that develops when you paddle out into the sunrise with a group of like-minded women. The sound of the waves, the salty breeze, and the warm colours of the morning sky create the perfect backdrop for a memorable surfing experience.

Surfing for ALL Levels

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For beginners, what advice would you give to someone who is just starting to learn how to surf?

Jahney: Just get out there, grab, borrow or steal a board and have a crack. Remember to not take it to seriously and just have fun. The sport is laced with benefits both mental and physcial, so once you get hooked from catching your first baby wave whether that is the whitewash on your belly or a green wave you will become addicted for all the right reasons.

Practice is everything, keep going even if you wipe out and get some lessons and/or find a community that supports women progressing their surfing in a fun and encouraging environment. 

Surfing in Nisi wetstuits
Surfing in Nisi wetsuits
Surfing in Nisi wetsuits

How do you balance the fun and social aspects of the group with the focus on improving surfing skills? 

Jahney: It's all about listening to the community, what they need, what do they want. We always try to keep it fun, with our only rule being fun first, surf second.

Surfing in Nisi wetsuits

Club Shakas prides itself on being an inclusive space for surfers of all skill levels. Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced rider, there's a place for you in the lineup. The more experienced members gladly offer tips and encouragement to those just starting, fostering a supportive environment where everyone can grow and improve together.

Surfing in Nisi wetsuits

After an invigorating session in the water, the members of Club Shakas reconvene for a well-deserved coffee. The local coffee shop becomes the perfect spot for sharing stories of triumphant rides, wiping out, and the overall joy of being in the ocean. It's not just about surfing; it's about building friendships and a sense of community that extends beyond the waves.

Empowerment Through Surfing

Surfing in Nisi wetsuits

Club volunteers; Emilie Howard, Jennifer Boere, Emily Nelson, Jahney Smith.

In your opinion, what makes surfing a unique and empowering activity for women, and how does a girls' surf club such as Club Shakas contribute to fostering that empowerment?

Jahney: Club Shakas empowers women through the sport of surfing by creating an environment that promotes just getting out there and having a go, you don’t have to be perfect you just have to have a go, stepping outside your comfort zone with a bunch of women that support you every step of the way; from your first wipeout to your first wave.

Women who you have never met before are cheering for you, engaging in conversation, building friendships and laughing all while getting proven mental and physical health benefits! What a way to start your morning.

Surfing in Nisi springsuitsSurfing in Nisi springsuitsSurfing in Nisi springsuits

How has being part of Club Shakas influenced your confidence both in and out of the water?

Jahney: 'It is a place to have fun, to know the power and importance of community, to know that perfection isn’t the answer and it doesn’t matter how you get to the destination as long as you have fun…I take these lessons everywhere I go. 

Club Shakas goes beyond the physical act of surfing; it's about empowerment. Especially for women, it encourages us to get out there despite the intimidation and clique mentality men have created out in the surf. The members inspire each other to face challenges head-on, both on and off the waves. The confidence gained from mastering a new skill in the water often translates into a more fearless approach to life's hurdles.'

Surfing in Nisi springsuits
Surfing in Nisi springsuits
Surfing in Nisi springsuits

It's more than just a surf club; it's a sisterhood bonded by the love of the ocean. Through the early morning surf sessions, shared laughter, and post-surf coffee rituals, these women have created a space where the thrill of riding waves is equaled only by the support and friendship found within the group. As the sun rises on another day of surfing adventures, Club Shakas continues to prove that there's something extraordinary about a community of women coming together to surf

Surfing in Nisi springsuits

Are there any specific goals or milestones that the group is working towards

Jahney: We are working towards getting even more women into surfing so they can enjoy all the proven benefits of not only participating in the sport but the community and sense of belonging too. We are also trying to provide opportunities to create happier, healthier and more confident women.

Can you share a funny or lighthearted moment that happened during one of your surf sessions as a group.

Jahney: This just shows how beginner we are; In the very early days of Club Shakas we took a trip to Back Beach, and one of us needed to change the fins on their board. After a persistent 20 mins in 35 degree heat and a sense of accomplishment of putting on her fins for the first time, we realised all three fins where put on backwards. 

Surfing in Nisi springsuits
Image from @Club_Shakas Instagram
Get involved with Club Shakas if you are within the Perth Coast area. Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, all year round. All information on www.clubshakas.com.au or their instagram @club_shakas for updates on surf locations.

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