Explore our range of colourful springsuits and surf separates

Adding colour to our lives uplifts us, inspires us and makes us feel different.

Inspired by the organic shapes of the ocean Nisí pays homage to the history of surf in Australia and the funk of the 70's. With a colour palette designed to turn heads out in the water and a chunky, playful brand mark, Nisí has been designed to be recognisable from afar and strives to disrupt the surf industry.  

The Nisí colours represent your mood, confidence and performance. Each colour stands for their own unique inspiration. 


Inspired by the lipstick red used predominantly in mid-century design. 

Red is the hottest! Associated with passion, love, power, confidence and anger. This particular 'red maple' Pantone, was chosen to mimic not only the muted tone of red caused from film photography, but also how it feels to put on red lipstick. To feel powerful and unbreakable. The use of 'tomato' in the name was a way of connecting Amelia's Greek heritage that has been intertwined within parts of Nisí



Inspired by the vast deep blue seas and oceans that fill our planet with life. 

This particular deep blue represents its depths, calm, and confidence. Water is colourless, shallow water appears to be the colour of whatever lies underneath it, but deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water the deeper the blue. The blue of land that seems to be dissolving into the sky, is a deeper, dreamier, melancholy blue, the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance, desire, and mindfulness. The bold tone that pops, yet brings out a more calm and subtle approach to standing out.



Inspired by warm tropics, sweet fruits and a simple island life full of warm tones. 

Mango really does POP out against anything! It's playful, warm, sunny and positive. A symbol of love and happiness. An approachable and bubbly tone to aid friendship and conversation in the world. This fantasy orange ties in the other colours with a bit of warmth and to link that island life, fruit, sun and solitude. Mango Pop, was the original colour to start the collection. A need for a bright pop, to stand out in the water. 



Inspired by Feminism. The stereotypically named 'girly' candy colour, reclaimed as a symbol of power.

Pink is a favourite shade by almost everyone. It represents childhood for many, playfulness, femininity and charm. Blush pink is happy, its comforting and to us it stands for the power that women can do anything. Inspired from imagery predominately in the 60s and 80s we found the perfect blush pink to flow with the collection. Surf like a girl, dive like a girl, discover like a girl and do everything like the knowledgable, strong and fun girl you have always been. Who says you can't look cute while doing what you love?



Inspired by the lightest hue of the spectrum, especially in the 80s fluorescent era. Representing sunshine and optimism. 

'Citrus' in the name was another linkage to Greece and the mediterranean. A significant zesty fruit that is used for practically everything. The 50's to the 80's was saturated in yellow, popularly seen in swimwear and especially in diving wetsuits and equipment! Citrus is summer, it's the imagination and spark of hope we get from our warm sun. Retro and cool, this hue was a 'special' edition to shine amongst the collection.


Be bold, make friends, perform and play better. 


Come out of your shell and dive in already!

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