Care Guide

To take care of our suits after salt water use:

  • Take Care When Taking off Your Wetsuit. When getting into/out of your wetsuit don’t pull on the seams too hard. Be careful around the entry of the wetsuit. Try not to dig your thumbs or your fingernails into the neoprene when taking off your wetsuit
  • Rinse in cool fresh water and hang it in half, inside out to dry in the shade out of direct sunlight
  • Do not leave your suit in direct sunlight. It will deteriorate the touch and fade colours from it.
  • Do not dry clean, tumble dry, machine wash, iron or use bleach or chemicals on our suits
  • Avoid abrasive surfaces such as rocks 
  • Do Use an occasional wetsuit shampoo, if needed
  • Once dry, store your wetsuit on a suitable wide-shouldered hanger, in a cool, dry place.